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MACR PILOT: Capt Edgar F. Woodward O-791530

MACR #: 00688

Fiche #: 00227


Location: AAF Station #139

Group: 100th Bomb Gp (H) AAF

Squadron: 418th BS

Command: VIII AF



Departure/Base: AAF Station #139

Initial Course: E SE

Intended Destination: Stuttgart

Mission Type: Operational


Weather: Overcast 3/10 to 8/10 Cloud


Date: September 6, 1943

Time: 09:29

Location: 2 miles N. of Strasbourg

Specify: Last Sighted

Confirmed or believed reason for loss

Loss due to: Other circumstances

Other reason for loss: Not Known


Serial: 42-20402

Type: B-17

Series: F


Model: R-1820-97

A: 41-58136

B: 41-58201

C: 41-58273

D: 41-58311


A: 394212

B: 393998

C: 395419

D: 393882

E: 395787

F: 391298

G: 396318

H: 121236

I: 121165

J: 121100

L: 396751

Persons are listed as

Casualty Type: Battle casualty

Number of persons on board

Crew: 10

Pass: 0

Total: 10


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P2Edgar F. WoodwardCaptO-791530
CPJohn H. ThompsonF/OT-60806
NAV (N)Emanuel A. Cassimatis2LtO-732702
BOM (B)Paul R. Englert1LtO-731040
RADMelvin E. GaideTSgt37348054
ENGFrank DanellaTSgt13046112
BALGeorge A. JanosSSgt35437602
WG (W)Donald H. FletcherSSgt37373116
WG (W)Charles J. GriffinSSgt18125527
TG (T)William D. BrooksSSgt37431271

Persons who are believed to have last knowledge of aircraft

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Walter U. MoranoLast sighted1LtO-733699
John D. BradyLast sighted1LtO-791064
Gale W. ClevenLast sightedMajO-399782

Personnel who are believed to have survived

Reason: Any other reason

Other: Down under control

Eyewitness description of crash

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Last NameFirst nameReport
Saw Woodward's ship going down at 4830N-0803E at 0929 #2 engine was wind milling. Everything else seemed to be OK. ( Walter U Moreno 1st Lt.) Saw Capt. Woodward's A/C turned out of formation under control and headed for Switzerland. Nothing seemed wrong with A/C, ( John D Brady, 1st Lt.) A/C #402 at 0930 approximately 2 miles north of Strasbourg salvoed bombs into a woods. Headed south and went under cloud deck. All engines turning over. No E/A or AA at this time. (Gale W. Clevin, Major)
No DataA letter from D. H. Fletcher of 25/1/84 states that on the way into the target, an oil leak in #2 engine. Woodward could then have aborted, but decided to press on. Somewhere near the IP oil pressure went to zero and prop would not feather - cylinder head temp. went sky high. If engine seized and prop came off it could have been disastrous to ship. It was decided to head south for Switzerland. When they believed themselves over Switzerland, the crew bailed. It turned out that only Woodward, who remained with aircraft until the crew had successfully bailed out, landed in Switzerland, the others in Germany.

Description of search effort

Detail: No search made.

Preparing Officer

Prepared by: CLAUDE L. HOSFORD 1st Lt Air Corps Personnel Officer

Date prepared: September 9, 1943