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MACR PILOT: 1Lt James R. Haddox O-802660

MACR #: 01570

Fiche #: 00000


Location: AAF Station #139

Group: 100th Bomb Gp (H) AAF

Squadron: 351st BS

Command: VIII AF



Departure/Base: AAF Station #139

Initial Course: ?

Intended Destination: Emden

Mission Type: Operational


Weather: CAVU at Target.


Date: December 11, 1943


Location: Location and time unknown.

Specify: Information not available

Confirmed or believed reason for loss

Loss due to: Blank

Other reason for loss: ?


Serial: 42-37715

Type: B-17

Series: G


Model: R-1820-97

A: 43-6340

B: 41-58351

C: 43-63073

D: 43-63254


A: 375631

B: 407071

C: 398697

D: 375741

E: 378285

F: 377985

G: 561114

H: 562293

I: 378178

J: 378022

L: 378235

Persons are listed as

Casualty Type: Battle casualty

Number of persons on board

Crew: 10

Pass: 0

Total: 10


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P2James R. Haddox1LtO-802660
CPJohn L. Wagner1LtO-443184
NAV (N)Albert C. Warford2LtO-683217
BOM (B)Ellsworth C. Power2LtO-679220
RADCasimier J. KobisTSgt11116743
ENGNicholas A. TneagliaTSgt12132226
BALGonzalo C. OrtaSSgt18188293
WG (W)James A. GrosskopfSSgt16041757
WG (W)Kendall L. MorrowSSgt32669573
TG (T)Lyle S. JonesSgt16567230

Persons who are believed to have last knowledge of aircraft

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Personnel who are believed to have survived

Reason: Original MACR field blank


Eyewitness description of crash

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Last NameFirst nameReport
This A/C was listed as a spare and where, when or with what group it joined is unknown.
No Data1. Crew position 7 (BTG - Ball Turret) is also listed as "Ass't Radio Opr" on this MACR. 2. Most time, location, circumstances blanks on the orginal MACR contained question marks (?). 3. No Micro Fiche number for this MACR. It is established that Sgt Lyle Jones was a replacement on the mission of 11 Dec 43 to Emeden. However, a statement by James Grosskopf, the crew's only survivor, reads in effect that they joined the 390th BG and were #3 ship in one element of that group. The ship was damaged, whether from flak or fighters is unknown, and "everyone was out of oxygen." Ship crashed into the North Sea off Norderney Island. Some in cockpit & nose may have bailed out since Gorsskopf saw several chutes in the air before he jumped; but apparently those from the radio room back were unconscious from lack of oxygen. Grosskpf adds that a Captains Warren and Liefson of the 390th landed on the same island as he and were taken POW with him. The engineer from Capts Warren and Liefson's crew landed in the North Sea and drowned. Grosskopf could not recall his name. Capt Liefson was Sqd Navigator and Capt Warren was group Navigator of the 390th. A notation in MACR states Lt Albert Warford's body washed ashore 17 Mar 1944.

Description of search effort

Detail: No search made.

Preparing Officer

Prepared by: CLAUDE L. HOSFORD 1st Lt Air Corps Personnel Officer

Date prepared: December 14, 1943