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Target: RUHLAND – page 2

September 11, 1944

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Compiled by Paul West, Jan Zdiarsky, Mike Faley, and Jan Riddling
Copyright © 2003 – All rights reserved.
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B-17G 43-38381  “A” Lead   Low # 1 Returned B-17G 43-38011  “B” High   Lead # 4 Returned
418th Sq LD-Z 349th Sq XR-H
A/C name: A/C name: The Relucant Dragon
P Lt. D A Armstrong P Lt. R L Chamberlain
CP Lt. A Andrews CP Lt. G A Boule
NAV M/Sgt. B Deamer NAV Lt. K O Shrewsbury
BOM Lt. L V Ogletree BOM Lt. V L Karp
ROG S/Sgt. G  C Murphy ROG T/Sgt. H Yatt
TTE S/Sgt. W R West TTE S/Sgt. J E Eubanks
BTG S/Sgt. D R Ehlenfelt BTG S/Sgt. W L Wixom
WG S/Sgt. C J Vogle WG S/Sgt. S G Sharp
TG S/Sgt. L C Oliver TG S/Sgt. B A Richardson
B-17G 42-102649  “A” Lead   Low # 2 Returned B-17G 43-37812  “B” High   High # 3 Returned
418th Sq LD-T 351st Sq EP-A
A/C name: Lady Geraldine A/C name:
P Lt. D A Jones P Lt. L G Bennett
CP Lt. G A Fuller CP Lt. D C Maier
NAV Lt. A H Juhlin NAV Lt. D R Gillis
BOM Lt. R P Ferrell BOM Lt. A E Dehn
ROG T/Sgt. D Stewart ROG T/Sgt. J D Cannon
TTE T/Sgt. A F Marcello TTE T/Sgt. H Roach
BTG S/Sgt. C L Hooker BTG S/Sgt. F A Kirchhubel
WG S/Sgt. S L Foushee WG S/Sgt. J Gately
TG S/Sgt. P J Gillen TG S/Sgt. S J Guido
B-17G 43-37517  “A” Lead   Low # 3 SAL B-17G 42-31767  “B” High   Low # 1 Aborted
418th Sq LN-T 351st Sq EP-E   (aborted 1000hrs./returned)
A/C name: Heaven Can Wait A/C name: Our Gal Sal  (Replaced by Dickert)
P Lt. Harry H Hempy P Lt. R Cumming
CP Lt. Jack W Janssen CP Lt. J J Williamson
NAV Lt. C A Roberts NAV Lt. D C Goodwin
BOM Lt. Don H Friedman BOM Lt. C G Shively
ROG S/Sgt. J P Moncure ROG T/Sgt. L Doyal
TTE T/Sgt. A Hubiak TTE T/Sgt. W C Wheeler
BTG S/Sgt. Don J Farley BTG S/Sgt. I Golden
WG S/Sgt. F A Bonagur WG S/Sgt. A A Young
TG S/Sgt. C W Emerson KIA TG S/Sgt. E T Giard
 (Emerson died on base)
B-17G 44-8009 PFF “B” High  Lead # 1 Returned B-17G 42-38047  “B” High   Low # 2 Returned
349th Sq 351st Sq EP-O
A/C name: This Willl Kill You A/C name: Fever Beaver
P Lt. N P Scott                   (351st) P Lt. P A Kramp
CP Lt. L R Roediger               (349th) CP Lt. V A Haire
NAV Lt. D G  Bishop                (349th) NAV Lt. W C Leffingwell
BOM Lt. R H Tunnicliff               (349th) BOM Lt. R W Lennox
ROG T/Sgt. C H Garberoglio      (349th) ROG T/Sgt. R Osuna
TTE T/Sgt. D Cross                  (349th) TTE T/Sgt. F E Blake
PFF Capt. Emile Borsch BTG S/Sgt. L J Neal
WG S/Sgt. A L Washington     (349th) WG S/Sgt. O E Wainio
TG S/Sgt. F J Crowner           (349th) TG S/Sgt. W C Martino