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Target: RUHLAND – page 4

September 11, 1944

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Compiled by Paul West, Jan Zdiarsky, Mike Faley, and Jan Riddling
Copyright © 2003 – All rights reserved.
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B-17G 42-97806  “C” Low   High # 2 MIA B-17G 42-102695  “C” Low   Low # 3 MIA
349th Sq XR-D 350th Sq LN-F
A/C name: Now An’ Then A/C name:
P Lt. Charles E Baker KIA P Lt. Hugh E Holladay POW
CP Lt. Charles D Chiles POW CP Lt. Howard E Potts POW
NAV Lt. Donald H Lienemann POW NAV Lt. Roy M Lynch KIA
BOM Lt. Raym. J McGuiness KIA BOM Lt. Joseph D Michand POW
ROG T/Sgt. David A Gurman KIA ROG T/Sgt. Herlan R Tarter KIA
TTE T/Sgt. Eugene C Damrel POW TTE T/Sgt. Nick E Morrale POW
BTG S/Sgt. Roy C Johannesen KIA BTG S/Sgt. Delbert M Gadberry KIA
WG S/Sgt. David Rattin KIA WG S/Sgt. Nick R DeSanto KIA
TG S/Sgt. Fred A Fischer KIA TG S/Sgt. Robert F Duncan KIA
B-17G 43-38161  “C” Low   High # 3 SAL B-17G 44-6297  “C” Low   Low # 4 Aborted
349th Sq XR-O       (crashed landed in France) 350th Sq LN-X    (aborted 0854hrs./retruned)
A/C name: Oombree-Ago A/C name: Spirit of Pittwood
P Lt. Ray L Heironimus P Lt. Ceicl O Daniels
CP Lt. Glen H Peavy CP Lt. G A Hansen
NAV Lt. George H Geise NAV Lt. R A Nesline
BOM Lt. James L Skar BOM Lt. R L Story
ROG T/Sgt. William G Terry POW ROG T/Sgt. H A Dralle
TTE S/Sgt. Carlyle E Miller TTE T/Sgt. S M Wolfe
BTG S/Sgt. Richard S Barnett BTG S/Sgt. L R Mills
WG Cpl. Ray D Carl wounded WG S/Sgt. R G Eberenz
TG S/Sgt. Marvin D Cooper TG S/Sgt. R L Gill
Positions in Formation Unknown:
B-17G 42-97154  “C” Low   Low # 1 MIA B-17G 42-31986  “A”  Lead   High #2 Returned
350th Sq LD-A 349th Sq XR-M
A/C name: Our Babe Hutchie A/C name: Once in a While
P Lt. Wesley R Carlton KIA P Lt. W E Bailey
CP Lt. Edward F Neu POW CP Lt. W G Merchen
NAV Lt. Hugh R Davidson POW NAV Lt. A Linakis
BOM Lt. Jack L Eppendorf KIA BOM F/O H A Sees
ROG T/Sgt. Milton S Edelstein KIA ROG S/Sgt. T M Hill
TTE T/Sgt. Hike H Bagdasian KIA TTE T/Sgt. C T Dollar
BTG S/Sgt. Ralph E Jacobsen KIA BTG S/Sgt. G B Frost
WG S/Sgt. William U Schaeffer KIA WG S/Sgt.M L Moschner
TG S/Sgt. George E Watrous KIA TG S/Sgt. J F Hooper
B-17G 44-6089  “C” Low   Low # 2 MIA B-17G 43-38313  “A”  Lead   Unknown Returned
350th Sq LN-B 349th Sq XR-S
A/C name: Leading Lady A/C name:
P Lt. Lawrence W Riegel KIA P Lt. T H Kemp
CP Lt. Joseph E Johnston KIA CP Lt. W Marmorine
NAV Lt. George H Prater POW NAV Lt. C F Barnes
BOM Lt. Charles L Dolby POW BOM Lt. T D Williams
ROG T/Sgt. Ray S Deming KIA ROG T/Sgt. L J Szentomasky
TTE T/Sgt. Edgar L Herrick KIA TTE T/Sgt. G L Langmo
BTG S/Sgt. Nestor A Celleghin POW BTG S/Sgt. W T Lynn
WG S/Sgt. Philip D Mangan KIA WG S/Sgt. J J Yanushis
TG S/Sgt. Jewell D Spruell KIA TG S/Sgt. H E Black