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The 100th In Switzerland

Pictures and captions courtesy of Fredy Peter

351st BS B-17F : landed at Duebendorf 17.08.1943. #42-30080 “High Life”

Pilot 1st Lt. Donald K. Oakes Mission: Regensburg.

A 20 mm shell exploded in #3 nacelle cutting throttle cable and starting a heavy oil leak.#2 also leaking oil. Unable to keep up with the formation. The pilot did a wheels-up landing at Duebendorf

351st BS B-17F : crashed Lake Constance 06.09.1943. # 42-30057 “Raunchy”

Pilot 1st Lt. Sam R. Turner Mission: Stuttgart

Aircraft hit by flak. 20 mm shell killed ball turret gunner.

350th BS B-17G : crashed Emmen 13.07.1944. #42-31074 “Cahepit”

Pilot Donald A. Waters Mission: Munich

The pilot feathered #1 engine just after bombs away. #2 was throwing oil badly, #4 supercharger overheated and they were low on fuel. At Emmen the plane overshot the runway, destroyed a catapult of the aircraft factory, crossed the RR track and hit the high tension cables. Crashed and burned

349th BS B-17G : landed at Payerne 13.07.1944. #42-107137

Pilot Charles Harding, Jr Mission: Munich

Before reaching the target the pilot called and informed he was low on fuel and did not believe he could make it to the Dutch coast. #3 and #4 engines damaged by flak, unable to feather #3. Swiss fighters guided the plane to Payerne.

Airport of Duebendorf. It looks more like a USAAF base in England than a military and civil airfield in Switzerland. View of Adelboden, where Camp Maloney was located.
Entrance to Camp Moloney, named after the ball turret gunner killed 06.09.43. Notice that the name should have been, “Maloney”.

S/Sgt. Joseph F. Maloney was a waist gunner on the Sam R. Turner crew.

View of Davos early 1940’s. Davos had not only USAAF officers as guests but also German Luftwaffe pilots on R&R and Wehrmacht people on sick leave or high level Nazis on holiday. Davos was the HQ of the Swiss Nazi Party 1st of August parade 1944 (Swiss National Holiday) Swiss soldiers marching in front of the Palace Hotel with US Officers watching from the windows.
The photo shows the funeral of all airmen killed October 1st as well as of S/Sgt. Maloney. The funeral took place in Bad Ragaz. Later the bodies were interred at the US Cemetery in Muensingen, a village near Berne. Patrol of the Swiss fighter Morane-Saulnie D-3800. Many USAAF planes were met by such fighters and guided to an airfield. Swiss Me-109G
View of the officers Camp Davos, Hotel Palace