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Transfers From RCAF and RAF

courtesy of Wally Fydenchuk

100th Bomb Group Members who were in the RCAF/RAF

RCAF information courtesy of Wally Fydenchuk. He would like to hear from anyone who has information/names of American citizens who enlisted in the  RCAF prior to Pearl Harbor. His e-mail:

Lt Charlie W. “Hong Kong” Wilson

Charles Winters Wilson

RCAF Service Number: R83327

RCAF Training

No. 6 Elementary Flying Training School

No. 10 Service Flying Training School

No. 32 General Recconaissance School

Operational Sgt. Pilot No. 31 Operational Training Unit

Discharged from the RCAF May 7, 1942

Capt. Mark Carnell

 RCAF service number was C 6873.

 He was a staff pilot at #4 Wireless School.

He transferred to the USAAF May 1942

USAAF#  O-1699229



Enlisted Niagara Falls 8-9-40


#12 Elementary Flying Training School   3-1-42

#4 Bombing and Gunnery School   5-6-41

Trade:  Elementary Flying Instructor/Pilot

Discharged:  20-5-42

USAAF #  O-1699245

Michael Garemko 


(from Lt Thomas Anderson Crew) completed EFTS training  (basic flight training) before transferring to the US Forces.

Michael Garemko entered the Royal Canadian Air Force in early 1941 and was sent by train to Toronto for basic training at Mannign Depot.  He was going through advanced training in Winnipeg,  Manitoba in early 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  He never completed pilot training in RCAF but transferred to USAAF and went to Officer Cadet Pilot Training.  He washed out as a pilot and without a college degree, he could not qualify for Bombardier or Navigational training.  His love of the air kept him in the Air Corp and he went to Gunnery training/Engineering School.  He became a TTE and flew on “Heaven Sent” and completed 34 Missions.  Garemko was also responsible for painting the aircraft nose art and A-2 jackets.

Michael Garemko

RCAF Service Number:  R135021

Trained at No. 3 Wireless School

Rank: Leading Aircraftsman

discharged  May 1942


Capt Richard Anthony Carey

RCAF Service Number: C2948

Staff pilot   No. 4 Bombing and Gunnery School Fingal, Ontario

retired  29/5/42

USAAF # O-1699495

Capt. Robert Clarence Pearson

RCAF Service Number: R60421

Enlisted: 18/9/40


No. 2 Elementary Flying Training School Ft. William, Ontario

No. 2 Service Flying Training School, Uplands, Ontario

No. 15 Service Flying Training School  Claresholm, Alberta (thus the Banff


Discharged  5/42

USAAF # O-1699547

A train traveled across Canada stopping at RCAF stations along the way. Apparently, there was USN, USMC and USAAF personnel available to assist in transferring to the US Forces.Most transfers happened in the month of May 1942.


John F. Johnson

Subj: John F. Johnson 100 BG/RCAF?   

I may have located another ex RCAF/100 BG  has a John  F. Johnson  NY state   + 21 April 44   100 BG.  I have a  J.F. Johnson  Kotanah, NY  graduating from No. 8 SFTS Moncton, New Brunswick. 8 SFTS was a service flying training school – equivalent to US advanced training. Upon completion of SFTS, the pilot trainee would receive his “wings.”


John F. Callahan

CALLAHAN  JOHN FRANCIS   graduated from # 4 Air Observers School, Crumlin (now London, Ontario) He was an Air Gunner. Discharged from the RCAF in 1942….Wally  USAAF #   32326283

Dear Mr. Faley,

I am the daughter of John F. Callahan, the man who organized, primarily wrote and published Contrails My War Record.  He was also a member of the 100th, stationed at Thorpe Abbotts.  I have only one of this book and since it is one of the few things I have of his, I would like to acquire another.  If you hear of someone else who seeks to sell a copy, I would appreciate it if you would forward my e-mail address to him or her. Also, I would greatly appreciate finding out any information about my father’s tome in the 100th.  He had been in the Royal Canadian Air Force until 1941 and joined the USAAF thereafter.  He did not talk much about his time in WW II (except maybe about the brussel sprouts he had to eat) and some of his time on leave in England.  Therefore, I would like to find out more, whatever it might be.  Can you advise me how I can go about this?

Thank you.

Kathryn M. Callahan

Lt Reginald Smith

Transferred from RCAF where he was a Flight Officer.

Reginald Smith’s RCAF Service Number: R99796, At time of transfer to the USAAF he was serving as a flying instructor at No. 5 Service Flying Training School Brantford, Ontario.Reginald Albert Smith transferred to the USAAF May 19, 1942. He was posted to Maxwell Field, Alabama.  USAAF # O-535996

Capt Albert C. Persons

I believe I have another ex RCAF/100 BG member to add to your list.Albert Cobb Persons joined the RCAF 3-9-40. He received his RCAF pilot’s wings at No. 5 Service Flying Training School, Brantford, Ontario in 1941, then posted to No. 13  Operational Training Unit. Before transferring to the USAAF.

I believe this is the same Albert C. Persons who authored the book, “Bay of Pigs: a firsthand account of the mission by a U.S. pilot in support of the Cuban invasion force in 1961.”

According to the Social Security Death Index, an Albert C. Persons (b. 1915) died in Birmingham, AL 18 March 1996.


USAAF #   O-1699572

Joseph R.E. Turenne (wg on Thrasher Crew)

Joseph Rollins Edward Turenne was a staff pilot at No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery School, Dafoe, Saskatchewan. He is standing beside a Fairey Battle bomber (probably at Dafoe) in the photo you sent. According to my records, he transferred to the USMC in May 1942 when the transfer train traveled across Canada collection 1800 ex RCAF personnel for the US Forces.

Info Courtesy of the Expert on Americans in the RCAF-Wally Fydenchuk: The attached a photo of Joseph Rollins Edward Turenne taken February 27, 1941. He just graduated from the first pilot conversion training class at RCAF Station Rockcliffe. His RCAF service number: R/71246 He was posted as a staff pilot at No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery School, Dafoe, Saskatchewan after graduating from Rockcliffe. 

He transferred to the USMC in May 1942 probably at Regina, Saskatchewan when the train traveled across Canada gathering up RCAF Americans.