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350th Bomb Squadron Commanders

Commanders.  Unkn, 1 Jun-26 Oct 1942; Maj Gale W. Cleven, 27 Oct 1942; Maj Albert M. Elton, c. 9 Oct 1943; Capt Jack R. Swartout, 24 Apr 1944; Maj Maurice J. Fitzgerald, c. 12 May 1944; Maj Robert Rosenthal, 25 May 1944; Maj Maurice F. Youngs, c. 13 Sep 1944; Lt Col David K. Lyster Jr., […]

Conley E. Culpepper History

The following link is the story of Conley E. Culpepper (100th BG Veteran) as assembled by his son Chip Culpepper.  Originally prepared for the family but it has been shared and updated.  This is the 3rd revision. Click this link to open the PDF file. Dedicated to the memory of Conley E. Culpepper, and in […]

Lt Keys Crew by Yann Thomas

Summary PAGES INTRODUCTION                                            1 A) the mission of the 8th august 19442 a-1)The global objectives of the bombers2 a-2)The number of planes2 B) 100th BOMB GROUP : 349th BOMB SQUADRON (1942-1944)2 à  4 b-1)History […]

100th BG Crew Photos Requested

We need your help to find the 93 Crew shots we are missing for our Website.  Please look at the list and see your if your Relatives Pilot is on this list?  We know that there are crew shots for each of these crews, they may be in a scrap book or framed on a […]

Rosie’s Riveters by Saul Levitt

Rosie’s Riveters By Sgt Saul Levitt England — For newspapers, bigger victories in this war are a simple problem — you just use bigger type on page one. Like the American daylights raids on Berlin. In somebody’s 20-volume history of the second World War, to be written in 1955, an aging crew chief like J […]

September 6, 1943-Lt William Freund-CP on Raunchy

September 6, 1943. by megansdad Excerpt from the manuscript Coffin Corner, by Christopher and William Freund: It began very much like all the others.  Late in the afternoon of September 5, 1943, we knew there was going to be another mission the next day, and that it was going to be a big one.  It […]


349th Bomb Squadron: Maj William Veal          Original CO- October 1943 Lt Col John Bennett     November 1943 toFebruary 1944 Lt Col Sam Barr           February 1944 to April 18, 1944 Maj Sumner Reeder       April 19, 1944 to July 19, 1944 Lt Col Sam Barr            July 20, 1944 to Jan 18, […]

Tech Sgt Chancy Finfrock-ROG on Lt Dawson Crew

Chancy Albert Finfrock Dedicated to the Memory of Tech. Sgt. Chancy Albert Finfrock Radioman/Gunner on B-17 ‘Flying Fortresses’ The European Campaign -World War II        350th Squadron * 100th Bomb Group 3rd Air Division 13th Combat Wing of the    8th Army Air Force  The ‘Bloody Hundredth’ – Operating out of Thorpe Abbotts Air […]