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2007 Nashville

Reunions - Nashville 2007

The 100th Bomb Group’s 2007 reunion was held in Nashville, Tennessee September 6-9, 2007.

Ok, where does one start? Nashville, Sept 6-9, 2007, the 100th Bomb Group Foundation descended upon “Music City” and boogie-woogie-buggled its way through one of the most memorable reunions I have ever been to. Even with Father Time keeping some away from making the trek, we still had almost 100 Veterans at this year’s reunion. Total served at the dinner Saturday night, 334. No, we are not limping away quietly or calling it a day…we are getting stronger! As our families get more involved, cries of “next stop Albuquerque” could be heard on Sunday. Yes, this reunion was a first in many ways…no planned tours, no rushing around. Instead, you had the freedom to tell tales with old friends, new friends and family while college students took notes and asked questions of you heroes.

Richard Schandor was a trooper and took over the handling of the PX for us. He is a born salesman. We were selling out of items left and right. Thanks Richard! Dante Martin provided awesome cups for the goodie bag, as well as the flags for the Saturday Banquet, and had some great Century Bomber shirts for sale. See you in Albuquerque 2009 Reunion Chairman. Penny Nemetz stepped in to run the registration tables. There was Robert Larsen rallying the Next Generation Meeting, and 8th Air Force Historical Society Historian Mark Copeland lending his skills and personality to our programs on Berlin and Robert Rosenthal, thanks Brother.

As for Vets, well just off the top of my head let me recall a few: Bob Shoens, John “49 Missions” Gibbons, Rinaldo Bussino, Dewey Christopher, Frank Buschmeier, Ed Stone, Don Hammond, Don “Duck” Bradley, Ralph Bradley, Robert Wolff, Gene Bankston, Hank Cervantes (New President of the 100th Bomb Group), Bill Bates, Albert Freitas, Vic Fienup, Lou Herron, Russell Engel, Herb Grand, “Tex” Leonard, Rick Erickson, Charlie “Hong Kong” Wilson, Keith Sprague, Ray Miller, Bob Tienken, Larry Ward, Frank Dolsen, Stan Smythe, Joe Urice, and Bud Vieth, just to name a few. There were so many of you and I appreciate all the time you were able to give us. We will list all the vets that attended in next issue of Splasher Six.

Highlight attendee’s were Betty Roane, with daughter Carol and son Tom, and Phyllis Rosenthal and son Dan. Cowboy Roane and Rosie Rosenthal will never be forgotten by the 100th Bomb Group and it lifted our spirits to see them in attendance. Other meaningful events were the Mission Briefing: Berlin, Letters from England, Tribute to Robert Rosenthal and the Now and Then power point program on Thorpe Abbotts. There is just not enough space here to truly do justice to everything we saw and did at the reunion. Suffice it say that the next Splasher Six will have all the fine details. For now, enjoy the photos, buy the Rosie DVD, and plan on being in Albuquerque in 2009. BE THERE!

Michael Faley
100th Bomb Group Historian

Additional Reunion Notes

1. From Mike Faley regarding, “From Brooklyn to Berlin” There was so much response from the attendees of the 100th BG Reunion in Nashville to getting a copy of the video of Robert Rosenthal called “From Brooklyn to Berlin” that we are once again providing the information. Call (818) 225-1348 and ask for Mel. He will tell you how to order the DVD. Or you can email Mel at The cost of the DVD is $15.00 (includes shipping).

2. Letter from Thomas S. Jeffrey (September 2007) Greetings! Best wishes to the 100th Bomb Group reunion attendees! Wish I could be here to swap tall tales!

We are still hanging in here. We’re ALL hanging in here; we’re all still here, some just floating a little higher than before. As the old song says “…You take her up and spin her, and with an awful tear, your ship folds up, your wings fall off, but you will never care, for in two minutes max another pair you’ll find… and dance with Pete and the angels sweet, and you will never mind.” Well, never mind this old age stuff. We’ll get through it, we always have. We’re tough, made of strong fiber and all of my colleagues of yesteryear proved it – showed what they were made of. We’re all steadily turning over the great 100th Bomb Group Foundation to younger members with new ideas, a fresh outlook, and a desire to be a part of it. And that is as it should be. The proud tradition carries on. And we are pleased.

Thank you for carrying on, thank you for cataloging the history, and keeping the memories alive. I raise my glass to you all!

Maj. General Thomas S. Jeffrey Jr.
Commanding Officer
100th Bomb Group (H)